Try It On Tuesday – Thursday Edition

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Try It On Tuesday post. I went to the mall this week and did some “trying it on” and planned to do this next week, but Nordstrom is offering Triple Points through Sunday for credit card holders and so I thought some of you might like to take advantage of that.

So before we start…remember this is dressing room lighting and I am in no way a professional (or semi-professional) model. This is just so you can see how these clothes look on a “regular woman”. I’m 5′ 2 1/2″ tall which makes it hard to pull off some styles…as you’ll see. 😉

 Bell Sleeve Rib Knit Sweater

This ribbed sweater has the sweetest ruffle detail on the bottom of the sleeves and at the hem. You can barely see it in this picture, but it’s there and makes it a little more special than a regular ribbed sweater..

 Lucky Brand Plaid shirt

I seem to have a new obsession with plaid. I grabbed this shirt and it wasn’t until I was putting it on that I noticed the adorable ruffled peplum on just the back. What a cute surprise. (unfortunately I can only find the link for the plus size, but lucky for anyone who falls in that category)

Bobeau Cold Shoulder Top

I’m still on the hunt for a cold shoulder top. This one is really soft, but also really see through…definitely need the cami. It comes in other colors and I think I’d have liked it better in a small instead of the x-small I have on.

 Drape front cardi – on sale 🙂 

So I can just hear Kent asking “How many of those jackets do you need????”

HEY…I like what I like and since I like to keep a jacket or sweater with me at all times (in spite of hot flashes) I like to have a variety.

 Cold shoulder tunic

 This is a high low (front/back), but it’s plenty long in the front to be a tunic. It’s super soft and whispered “wear me with leggings and boots” in my ear.

 Peplum back cardigan

YES…another open front cardi. Seriously soft and just look at that adorable peplum back. It’s just as important to look cute from behind as the front.

 Off the shoulder top

You guessed it, I’m still looking for an off the shoulder top too. Can you say commitment issues? The one I just loved sold out in my size before I ordered it. 


Another blogger I read had tried this one on and if it hadn’t been for seeing it on her I wouldn’t have bothered. I don’t love the material, but it looks cute on. 


 Cold shoulder tee

I love Pleione tops and so I had to try this one. It’d be great this time of year for transitioning. Throw on a jean jacket or utility jacket and you’re good to go, but when you take off your jacket it’s a little cuter than a regular tee.

Roll sleeve blouse

Okay, so this one I just kinda grabbed and thought…ehhh. Well I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it on. (if only I’d been wearing a black cami)

Roll sleeve blouse

This is the same basic blouse but a thicker material. It’s the one I thought I’d really like, but the print was a bit busy for me. It’s really comfy though and looks cute with jeans or could be put with slacks for work.

 High-low V-neck Sweater

LOVED this little sweater. It’s soft, comfy, roomy…all good things. I have on a plum pair of NYDJ jeans that were really comfy as well. I wish you could tell more about the color because it’s really pretty.

 NYDJ Stretch jeans

I need to be either a little taller or a little shorter. Regular’s are just a smidge too long and petite’s are always a smidge too short.


 Shift Dress

This dress was adorable and if I had the legs for it, I would have totally brought it home with me. It was not something I would have thought to try on, but the girl helping me brought it and a couple of others and they were all so dang cute. (obviously you wouldn’t be lazy like me…you’d take the cami off)

This one was an x-small and I was in it like a sausage (keepin’ it real), but I think a small would have been perfect!

The fabric was nice and thick with just a little stretch.

Free People Minidress

Again, I’d have never thought to try this on for myself. I love Free People clothing and this dress is adorable with a real retro-70’s vibe.  I think I could put black tights with it and pull it off. So cute. 

Split Neck Minidress

LOVED this one too!!! I’d put it with black leggings and boots or booties. It is seriously a miracle I didn’t walk out of the store with all three of these dresses.


So the whole reason she brought me these dresses was to try under this sweater.

 Sleeveless Tunic Sweater

I’m going to be totally honest…this look for me…not so much.

First off, the sweater was a small and I think it ran really big…and x-small would have probably helped the look. I also think it’s just too much for my frame. A taller person would probably look great in it and should definitely go for it.

It’s got a lot of versatility on the right person. That person just doesn’t happen to be me.

On my way out of this department I stopped by the jewelry and tried on these pieces I’ve been eyeing from BaubleBar.

Double Helix Cuff 

Mason Pave` Ring

A hand model I am not…how’d I get old lady hands????

I didn’t hit the shoe department, but here are a few pairs that I’d love to try.

Peep Toe / Katleen Peep Toe / Lace Up Sandal / Open Toe Bootie

So there ya’ go friends. A little of this and a little of that.

How do you like these posts? Are they helpful? Do I look like a fool?

Please oh please, tell me what you think and I’ll be brave when you’re honest.

Take advantage of Nordstrom’s Triple Points this week and earn yourself some free spending money




Come back Tuesday for a regular “Try It On Tuesday” because I hit Loft while I was out at the mall too. 🙂




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