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First days of fall??? 

Well here in our part of California the temperatures have been in the high 90’s and it feels nothing like fall.

Are you a reader? Well as I mentioned in a previous post (here), I’m really not. Let me clarify. I’m not really a book reader.

For today’s Let’s Talk linkup hosted by  Andrea and Erika, we’re talking about books, movies, magazines, and blogs we love. What a great way to find new ideas of things to read or watch. Word of mouth is one of the best ways I can think of to get a good recommendation. I mean after all, when you are looking for a new doctor, dentist, hair stylist, nail salon, etc… wouldn’t you prefer to find one that someone you know has actually been to and liked rather than just taking a stab in the dark?


It only makes since to find out what your friends like to read and then give them a try too.

My guilty pleasure for years and years has been People magazine.


I’m not really one to read every. single. page, but I do love flipping through and stopping when I find something that interests me.


Well let’s see. I talked about my favorite movies (here) in a STRANDED post. Last night Kent and I went to the movies…not something we do all that often, but I had been gifted movie tickets for referring people to our dentist (there’s that word of mouth thing again)

We went to see SULLY.



3 – CLEAN 

(as I was writing this it struck me that was very little “language” in this movie)

Now, on a side note. Have you been to a theater with “recliners” yet? Have mercy! I’m pretty much ruined for all normal theaters now. This is THE WAY TO GO!!! So much more comfortable. The theater that offers this is a little ways from our house and you have to reserve your seats ahead of time, but OH. MY. WORD. I loved being able to curl up in my chair just like I would at home and watch this movie. I have nothing but love for this way of watching a movie.


Hallelujah fall television shows have finally started back up.


We’ve watched the pilots for a couple of new series and here’s what we think so far…

Chesapeake Shores

Technically this one came on in July, but we just started watching it a couple of weeks ago (and it’s already almost done for this season. Stop it!)

We like it…Kent was a little afraid he’d need to turn in his man card, but he’s being a sport and watching it with me.


This is Us

We watched the first episode last week and this is another one he wasn’t too pumped to watch, but so far so good.

The Good Place

I had really high hopes for this one and I’m going to try to hang in there a few more episodes. You know how sometimes with new shows it takes a little while for them to get leveled out and you to get into them? I’m hopeful that’ll be the case here (but not very confident). We both thought it has a kind of “Willy Wonka” feel.


The Designated Survivor

This is the one Kent was most excited about. The first episode had a very 9-11 feel and we’ll have to see where it goes from here. (I can already tell you I don’t like the General in it #bully) The glasses Kiefer Sutherland’s character are wearing in it also confuse me. That may sound weird, but every time they show him, he looks so 1950’s I get confused. LOL

Now let’s talk about the blogs I like to read.

Obviously I must like them since I have one. Reading other blogs is what inspired me to start one in the first place. I don’t know if you feel this way when you read them, but you start getting to know the person and her life and you feel like she’s a friend you never get to see.


This is a list of some of the ones I like to read, but not exclusively. I find new ones to check out all the time, especially through link ups just like this. I only wish there were more hours in the day to read more of them. I typically get to check them out when I’m on my elliptical and it sure helps the time to go by faster when I have a fun blog to read.

If you have a blog I should check out, leave it in the comments. 

If you have a television show you think we might like based on my viewing list, leave that too. We are always looking for new shows, especially since it seems once we get hooked a show gets cancelled.

#hopeitsnotus #kissofdeath

I’ve only participated in this link up a couple of times but if you’ve missed any of the previous “let’s talk” posts, you can find them by clicking the links below.

Fall Favorites


Happy Monday friends!!!





  1. September 26, 2016 / 4:42 pm

    My hubby wasn't too pumped about This Is Us either 🙂 Found you through the link-up!

    • September 26, 2016 / 5:58 pm

      Thanks for the comment Stephanie!!! I visited you too 😉 What adorable little guys you have.

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