Friday Favorites – The Week In Snapchats

Hello Friday! 

So happy you are here. The last 2 weekends we’ve been either doing a project our out of town, so we are looking forward to a weekend at home with no big plans.

You know what Friday means, it’s time for …

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I’m trying something different and highlighting some of my favorite Snapchats from the week. This most likely means you’ll be seeing a lot of Katie since we communicate daily through this avenue.

That girl of ours is too funny. She went on an Honors College Retreat and it ended up being A LOT of museums…she’s not a fan of museums (which she comes by honestly)

Thankfully her buddy Kendon was along, so they made the best of it.

This was Sunday morning at church and she saw one of my girls, Laura. 


Enough said.

I love anytime I get to see these two together. Katie got a babysitting job and Benny let her borrow his car.


Katie and I tend to end up dressed alike without meaning to, and it appears as though Hayley is now taking my place.

 Kent and I went to Oklahoma to see his parents last weekend. It was a quick trip. Friday to Monday and a lot of it was captured in Snapchats.

 Yes, you read that right…Kent’s parents had never been to Starbucks, so we brought them into the 21st century.

 A highlight of the weekend was getting to spend the evening visiting with old friends from our Richmond days. Heidi and Jason went to church with us and we had babies together. Heidi and I were in a playgroup with some other friends and our families were together A LOT! It was so WONDERFUL to get to catch up and so special because it was like we’d never been apart even though it had been about 10 years.


These next 2 pictures aren’t snaps, but they are favorites none the less.

Not only had Kent’s parents never been to Starbucks, but they don’t have cable or wi-fi.


Cassie is a frequent star in Snapchats.

I had an appointment with the eye doctor this week.

And then Kent and I went to Costco one night and saw Katie’s friend working there. I walked out and then came back and asked him if I could take a Snapchat to send to Katie. He was very sweet and humoured me.


So there is a recap of the last week in my life. Do you Snapchat? I’ve got quite a few friends who do and its a really fun way to keep up and see what’s going on with people on a daily basis.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and come back Monday to see what’s new Coast to Coast.




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