Boutique Shopping

I just love a cute little boutique. 

There’s one in a town about 40 minutes away from where I live that I love to visit. It also happens to be where I purchase my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I’ve gotten to know the owners from going in and also taking classes there. They are two of the sweetest ladies which just makes me love their little store even more.

 Welcome to The Owl Box!

I love awnings and I love topiaries and especially topiaries made from boxwood. If you’ve never smelled boxwood, you are missing out. Being from Virginia there are boxwood’s everywhere, especially in Williamsburg and whenever I see one or smell one it immediately transports me back to so many fun days spent there.

Upon entering this adorable store you are greeted by so many cute, eclectic items and gift possibilities. From vintage to new, they have both.

You need to just walk through the door, stop, stand, and let your eyes roam to take it all in. Then decide…do I go left? Do I go right?

I love seeing how things are displayed and grouped. These ladies know how to make a “vignette” and the use of painted furniture for displaying items absolutely adds to the charm.

Some people just happen to have a gift and vision for creating displays. I am more of a RE-creator. I look for inspiration and then try to use it in my own home. I’m so envious of people who are born with that natural talent.

While I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer, I’ll admit going in and seeing all the warm colors and cute fall goodies displayed does make it easier to get excited.

How CUTE it this sign? Love it!!!

There’s a cute kids and babies section to find fun gifts. 

But of course my favorite area is the PAINT!!! I get so excited when I look at it and think about all the possibilities. They have a lot of sample boards with different finishes and washes to give you inspiration and will answer any questions you might have.

I just purchased my first can of the General Finishes stain for a dresser top I’ve got on the agenda to paint. You’ll be seeing that hopefully in the not too distant future.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little virtual tour of one of my favorite little spots. It’s so fun to find little towns (or big towns) that have quaint shopping areas and just wander in and out of these little stores, especially on a warm, sunny day. It just really doesn’t get much better than that.

Happy Wednesday friends!




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