Weekend Wrap Up – New Sofa Edition and Random Thoughts

Hello friends and happy August!!!

Can you even believe how quickly the year is flying by? I’m such a summer girl I don’t want to see it end. Some stores are already putting out Christmas stuff. #stopit

If your kids are getting ready to go back to school or your like me and getting ready to put your last child or maybe your first in college I wish you luck and hope for a smooth transition.

I think this accurately sums it up…

And speaking of counting down days, is it November yet? Oh my goodness, I’m so tired of all the political stuff on TV I can barely watch the Today show or any other news program these days.

I have a friend who owns a hair salon and she used to tell me there are two things she never discusses with clients. Politics and religion.


People are very passionate about both of these and passion is good, but when it turns nasty, not so much. 

Moving on…how was your weekend? Ours was really nice. Low key and relaxing for the most part. 

We love our photo-bomber.

Katie was sick when we returned from our trip last Tuesday and most of last week but was finally feeling better Saturday morning so we went for a walk and it was HOT!

This girl is making plans for pretty much everyday between now and when we leave to take her to school NEXT FRIDAY. I hope she remembers to fit us in.

The least relaxing yet most exciting part of our weekend was ordering a new sofa for our family room. We’ve had the sofa and love seat we’re currently using for about 13+ years and it’s time to freshen things up. You can see it HERE if you missed our home tour.

We went to Ethan Allen and looked at what they had and I fell in love with some fabric so it pretty much ruined every other store we went to and we ended up right back where we started. We decided to go with a sectional which honestly makes me really nervous, but I’ve been wanting one for quite a while so we stuck with my gut and ordered it. The fabric we chose is a light, subtle geometric pattern that comes off as a solid from a distance. I’ll be able to switch out throw pillow seasonally and I think the lighter color will lighten up the room. I guess we’ll find out in 8-12 weeks. #fingerscrossed

I’ll give you a sneak peak. Here’s the style we landed on which is what I’ve had in my head and is very similar to what we have right now.

And here’s the fabric…oh my heart, I love it!!!

There it is draped on the left back cushion and it looks solid. I tried several different textures and colors of throw pillows with it in the store and they all looked great. We currently have latte colored walls,  but I’ll be able to go with gray or any number of colors if I ever decide to repaint.

I continue to order an item or two here and there from the #NSALE which runs through August 8th. If you’ve seen something you want but it is sold out check back online frequently. They are constantly restocking so you might get lucky.

Tomorrow is another installment of Try It On Tuesday and I’m going to show you what came in all of my boxes while I was gone last week. Which items I kept and returned.



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