Show and Tell Tuesday…This is a DOOZY

Today I’m linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals (she’s so cute) for Show and Tell Tuesdays.


This Show and Tell Tuesday is the equivalent of me running naked through the mall…NOT PRETTY people!!!!

I am really putting myself out there and I already know the ones who will ridicule me…you know who you are too, so be NICE! 😉 I should also note that I am choosing KINDNESS today and not bringing my husband or children into this.

This months Show and Tell is about “old school pictures” and to say I had some real doozies is putting it lightly. Sometimes I wonder what did I ever do to my mom to make her let me look like that. (sorry Mom) Maybe it was payback for being a little sassy. It just so happens that when I went home to help them in April I brought back all of these old school pictures.

Here we go…

As soon as you finish wiping the tears from laughter off of your face, we’ll move on.

I think this was around first grade and for some reason my mom thought a “PERM” would just be grand. It was grand all right…the kids at school asked me if I was wearing a WIG!


Go A.M. Davis Vikings!!!

I look at these and think maybe someone really should market mascara for young girls. This right here is why I wear the mascara I do. (talked about here)

Ahhh yes, the “turd roll” era…that was a good one.

I think these are about 3rd grade.

Go A.M. Davis Chargers!!!

This was probably around 5th grade. Want to hear something really funny??? Kent was graduating high school. Can you even imagine if someone had shown him this and said this is your future wife. Oh the horror he would have felt. 


I know this is middle school and how all us girls just loved us some Tally-Ho sweaters and button down Polo’s.

I think this is circa 8th grade and finally mascara made it onto my eyes.


This must be around sophomore or junior year and I’m back to short hair.

And finally freshman year of college…I think I’m starting to get my act together. Just remember, it was the 90’s and cut me some slack.

I’m going to stop right here because it’s going to involve digging through boxes now and “ain’t nobody got time for that”

Hope I provided y’all with a good laugh and self esteem boost.

Do you have some real doozies yourself? It can’t just be me.

Happy Tuesday!!!  



Disclaimer: These photos can in NO WAY be used without my express consent. I can think of a handful of people right off the top of my head who just might have to much fun with these.

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