Hello from Nashville

Hello from Nashville!!!

We’ve been busy getting Katie all moved into the dorm and it’s gone great. Post to come with pictures of our trip soon. I’ve finished hemming some curtains to take over and hang in a little while and then we will say our goodbye’s. (wish me luck with that part)

I thought while traveling is on my mind I’d share a typical outfit I’d wear when flying with you today. 

this years version of blouse / jeans / baby blardigan / necklace / earrings 

I wore my favorite “pajama” jeans and a loose fitting blouse with my new baby blardigan.

I always dress in layers when traveling by plane. The airports are usually chilly, sitting on the plane before take off is stuffy and once you get in the air it’s freezing.

I’ve consistently taken my blardigan on the plane for every trip the last year since I first purchased it. It’s PERFECT for keeping you cozy and warm when traveling and I use it as well for sitting around with jammies on as a robe.


During the Nordstrom anniversary sale I purchased a baby blardigan which made it’s first trip with me. I loved it!!! It’s a little more “tailored” looking than the regular blardigan so you look a little more put together I think.

Baby blardigan

I still like to accessorize even when traveling and wore my magenta Kendra Scott necklace which is a little pricey.  This necklace is a great alternative if you are looking for a steal vs. splurge.

I thinks it’s funny how when you are in an airport you see people dressed every which way. Business, casual, workout, dressy…you see it all. I always think, “this time I’m wearing my leggings and a tunic” and every time I end up changing my mind and going with something more like I’d wear on a daily basis. I’m always afraid I’ll run into someone I haven’t seen in years and don’t want to look like a total slob.

So what’s your style of dress for travel? Do you go for style, comfort or both?

Hope you’re having a good week!




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