Weekend Wrap Up

We had a full weekend filled with fun.

Starting with dinner out Friday night and Katie even came along.


Katie and I rode to the airport with our friend April to pick up our friend Sarah and her little girls who were flying in from Hawaii.

While they were getting the luggage, Ella and I were doing this.


She is a hoot. Four years old and completely knows how to work Snapchat. 


Saturday we decided to take a little trip to IKEA. I had a couple of things I wanted to look at and since we didn’t have anything else on the agenda, we took advantage of a free day.


Do you notice anything odd about this ginormous sign?

I’m pretty sure the words “Not actual size” were unnecessary. If that cinnamon roll was “actual size”  I have no idea how you’d fit it in your car.


We had a late lunch at a local pizza place called Pizza My Heart. This is a chain of pizza restaurants  that are scattered here and there in CA. We love it. 

You can get pizza and salads but the kicker is you can get a slice and a t-shirt for $7. 

SEVEN DOLLARS….are you kidding me??? NO, I’m not.

#whatabargain #givemealltheslices


Sunday was a busy day and I didn’t capture any of it, but we got to enjoy some more time with our friends and days like that are always special.

Last night I was over the moon excited to find out Accessory Concierge is having a 40% off sale with the code “ChristmasinJuly”!!!! (no affiliation, just jewelry love here)


I recently gave one of my girlfriends my wooden tassel necklace and so I took advantage of this sale to replace it. Below are 4 of my favorite necklaces that I wear a lot from AC.

Azul Stone Pendant / Rainbow Wood Bead Tassel / Sayulita Silver Tassel  / Freida Lattice

Tomorrow Katie and I are off to Minneapolis for a week to visit friends. Kent and I were talking last night and it’s ironic she and I are flying back to MN on July 19th, because it was that day 3 years ago we flew to CA to live.

#timeflies #whataretheodds

I’m excited to go, but it will be like Christmas when I get back home because all my goodies I’ve ordered from #NSALE should be in. Then the hard part comes, deciding what to keep and what to return.


Have a great Monday friends!!!




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