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I am really late to this party because I was traveling most of the day and didn’t have time to get this together before I left…but…you know what they say…better late than never, right?!?!?!?!

This time we are showing and telling about our homes. Kent and I have had 4 homes in our almost 24 years of marriage. I’d have to say for a lot of marriages I think we are on the low end of the median range for this.

Our homes in the past have had nice lots with pretty yards, but with land being at a premium in California, it’s really hard to find that here and when we were looking for a house 3 1/2 years ago, this was without exaggeration the only home available to us. We considered ourselves very lucky and felt the Lord was looking out for us by providing this one since so many people were looking, on lists, in housing lotteries, etc…

See where my lovely pots with the dead flowers are? Well those have been replaced with some Italian Cypress trees to add some color and height.

When you come in the front door the living room and dining room are to your immediate left. The sofa and chair in the living room belonged to my grandparents and I’ve now had them recovered twice. Honestly, it’s not the furniture I’d choose if I was going to out to buy it, but it’s sentimental and I love it.

Next up the kitchen.

We have a lot of cabinetry and it was all cherry. I love cherry, but it was A LOT so I decided to paint the island to break it up. You can read about that whole process HERE.

I love how it turned out and next I’m going to paint the built in bookcases in the family room, white.

See, won’t that look good? (Feel free to say yes 🙂

We have a guest bedroom and bathroom downstairs which we love when our parents or company comes to visit so that they have their own space. This bedroom furniture was the first furniture my parents purchased as a young married couple and then became my bedroom furniture as a child.

So let’s head upstairs…

At the top of the stairs is Katie’s room.

Those are her graduations balloons that she’s not ready to get rid of yet. 😉

I love the little chandelier over her bed.

Her bathroom is a Jack and Jill and NO, it doesn’t usually look like this. We had just cleaned and I was lucky to get a quick shot of it before it became a teenage mess again. (that I won’t miss when she goes to school.)

The room adjacent to her bathroom is our office/exercise room.

When you come up the stairs if you turn right we have a “loft” are that serves as an upstairs T.V. room. This is where Katie spends a lot of time watching Netflix.

To the left is the office and to the right is Benny’s room.

This bed frame belonged to the other set of grandparents and when we were doing Benny’s “big boy” room, my dad stripped it and painted it for us, so it’s another sentimental piece.

My kids don’t realize how lucky they’ve been to have their own bathrooms in our last 2 houses. I tell them I’ve never had a bathroom all to myself and they’d better enjoy it while they have the chance.

At the top of the stairs if you turn all the way around you go to the master bedroom.

I have to tell you one of the things that makes me really happy is vacuum marks on carpet.


I’m used to it now, but when we first went in the model like this house I thought “how stupid to put a bathtub out in the room like that”. I still think it’s stupid, but now it seems normal to me.

And there you have it. Our house. As you can see, we have plenty of room for visitors and especially now that the kids are in college (or at least they both will be in a month)

Hope you enjoyed seeing where we live. I can’t wait to read and look at all the homes on the link up. I often wish neighborhoods just had open houses to allow you to see where people live, but then I realize I wouldn’t want strangers just marching through my house. LOL

It is fun to see other peoples homes though.

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Hope you’re having a good week!!!





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