New Monday, New Computer

Hello and Happy Monday!!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. We sure did. Ours was fun filled and busy.

Yesterday afternoon we headed to the mall to hit the Apple Store.

And I got a new “toy”

I’m using my new Macbook Pro for the first time this morning, so I’m both excited and scared. 

Why scared…learning new things can be scary, right???

I know it can be for me. I don’t really love change and this is a pretty big change for me.  I’ve used a PC for about 15 years (if I had to guess).

I have to say I’m pretty excited with myself so far. I figured out ALL BY MYSELF how to transfer most of my stuff from my PC to my new Mac. I’ve just got to figure out how to transfer all my pictures in Picasa. If you’ve done this, I’d LOVE any advice. It’s looking like I need to back it all up to discs or thumb drives? I thought I’d transferred it with the initial transfer I did, but if it happened I haven’t figured out how to find them yet…LOL

We had the big Grad Party for Miss Katie this weekend and it went great with the exception of the wind. OH. MY. WORD.

It was COLD and WINDY!!!

That’s the thing about where we live in California. You can have a day in the high 90’s and the next day might be the mid 70’s and wind is almost always a factor to some extent.

I used my camera to take pictures which means until I do some playing around and figuring out I can’t post them yet, but here’s one I took on my phone. Confession: I did a horrible job of capturing the party in photos. We were busy talking with the kids and I forgot to take many pictures. I’m really bummed I totally forgot to snap any of them using the new cornhole game Kent made and the ladder ball game we purchased for the party. Oh well…chalk it up to old age and forgetfulness.

Notice the sign on the drink container on the right is turned to the side…that was from the wind. 🙁 

I’m going to keep this short and sweet today so I can get back to reading about, playing with, and figuring out this new toy of mine.

Wish me luck!

Happy Monday and hope your week is off to a great start!!!



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