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Happy Friday the weekend is here!!!

Friday means one thing…Friday Favorites with ErikaNarci and Andrea.

We are super excited that our friends who moved to Hawaii last year are arriving in CA to visit tonight and we will get to spend some time playing and laughing with them and then on Tuesday, Katie and I are heading up to visit friends in Minnesota and spend some time at a lake. It’s going to be so fun and we are really looking forward to it.

I’ve been spending a lot of time learning how to navigate my new Mac and am feeling pretty good about it so far. I’ve been transferring pictures from my old PC to my new computer and that takes FOREVER, but I’m getting there.

Enough about what I’ve been doing, lets get to this weeks favorites. 


Stargazer Lillies

Stargazers are my favorite flower and have been for as long as I can remember. My girls carried them in my wedding, we had them in the arrangements for our rehearsal dinner and whenever Kent wants to get me flowers, these are what he comes home with. I think it’s safe to say they are just as much his favorite as they are mine. The fragrance of these lillies is absolutely lovely and carries throughout a room.

We recently planted two Stargazer plants in our back yard.

This is how they looked when we planted them and within a week they had opened and looked like this…

And in a couple more days…

They’ve just about peaked, but are still gorgeous and smell heavenly.

(on a side note: if you cut them to bring inside be sure to remove the stamen from the middle, those little orange suckers stain like nobody’s business)


We found two more flavors of Halo Top Ice Cream

Mint Chip and Chocolate Mocha Chip!


If you aren’t familiar with Halo Top or are new to my blog, I named it a favorite HERE a couple of weeks ago.

I think the only flavor we have yet to find is Birthday Cake and I have to say around our house it’s unanimous that Mint Chip is the favorite!


This crazy girl. I think we should have just put a dishwasher in her room since she usually has all these cups, mugs, bottles, etc… sitting around up there.

Yes mother’s of little ones, this is what you have to look forward to. 

Katie came into my room yesterday with an arm load of cups and bottles and asked if I wanted a “liquid beverage”. Stop right there…aren’t all beverages liquid? I had to give her a hard time because she is constantly ragging me about one thing or another and frequently “tweeting” things I say that she finds amusing…usually that make me look like a doofus.



My new computer!!!

We have slowly but surely become a Mac family. I’m not sure we’ll ever get Kent to join in, but the kids and I now all have them. The part I’m finding most challenging is getting all my pictures on and trying to find some kind of order to them. I’ve uploaded A LOT of them to “the cloud” and when I bring them over to my new computer it’s like someone threw all the folders up in the air, they flew open, and landed on the floor in a big random pile. PLEASE…if you have the answer to this….TELL ME 🙂


We were out one Saturday walking in a shopping area and saw this adorable pink shirt outside of a shop.

I thought it was cute but I think Kent wanted to buy it and make Katie wear it.

#wishfulthinking #hereallydid


Are you shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

Early Access started yesterday and I’ve already done some damage. You can check out the first round of my haul HERE.

Come back tomorrow for another jam packed post of pictures and items to peruse from the sale. I went to the store Thursday and spent some time trying on some really cute stuff to share with you.

Hope your week has been filled with favorites and your weekend will be too!



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