Stranded…Netflix Edition

Okay y’all, we’re half way to Friday ANNNNDDDDD…

Tomorrow is GRADUATION!!!!


BENNY comes home TODAY!!!!


I may possibly be walking around on air today knowing both of my birdies will be in the nest for a few days. ♥♥♥

But enough about me, let’s get going.

Time for another link up with Erika and Shay.

This time the topic is 

And just how LUCKY are we that we are stranded on an island that happens to have the internet?!?!?!

So if I was stranded, which three NETFLIX series would I want to be able to have access to.


Well we just recently subscribed to Netflix, but my daughter has been mooching and using her friends codes forever and binge watched several series that I’ve gotten sucked into. 

Last night Kent and I were actually trying to find a new one to start for ourselves so we tried 

Buzzer says…NOOOO

It was way to risque for these two and the language was awful. We probably got about 10 minutes in and agreed it was not the one for us. We’ll try again another night.

So back to my three picks.



I. love. FRIENDS.

and now I’ve passed on my love of it to Katie. We can’t watch it and not laugh because…

#howyoudoin’ #wewereonabreak #smellycat

How incredibly fun would it be to have an actual group of “friends” like these six?

If you happen to have that, then you are blessed.



I saw the majority of this series with Katie, but I know I missed some so I’d be happy to re-watch it while I’m stranded. We are so excited about the reunion episodes and I hope we’ll be able to watch them together.



I’d guess I saw 90% of these when Katie was binge watching it. If I knew she’d watched an episode without me, I’d try to catch up when she was at work or school. I’ll be honest, this group of people have more challenges than you can imagine and watching it usually made me nervous and kept me on edge, but I couldn’t stop. We were both so sad when we finished this series. 

I’ll go ahead a note a couple of other series we’ve also watched, well Katie has watched and I get sucked in.


If you’re a Connie Britton fan, and I am you’ll like Friday Night Lights.

Football, young love and lots of angst.


We couldn’t wait when we heard about the reunion of the Full House family and it was cute. A little cheesy and times, but still cute and we’ll be ready for season 2 when it comes out.

PLEASE, if you’ve watched some good NETFLIX series leave a comment. Kent and I are going to have to find some new things to watch especially once Katie starts school in the fall. We were big Castle fans and now that it’s been cancelled and Nashville (which I LOVED) has been cancelled our watch list is a little on the thin side.

What would be your guilty pleasure, binge watch, stranded shows?

Happy Wednesday friends!



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