Monday, Monday…

Another weekend has come and gone.

If you are a mama, I hope your family treated you as sweetly as mine did. 

The phrase I heard all weekend was, it’s Mother’s Day…you choose.

Shouldn’t Mother’s Day be every weekend???

I’d vote for that.

HA! This is totally accurate!!!

No big surprise we managed to squeeze food into our weekend starting with a trip to where else?  Chick-Fil-A. We just love us some Chick-Fil-A. Unfortunately it’s 30 minutes away, but we’re supposed to be getting one closer this fall.



We found this adorable little area behind a store we were in that had a pond with HUGE coy fish in it and made a great back drop for some quick pics.

We are soaking up every minute we have with this girl these days. She had planned to hang out with some friends, but thankfully decided to spend the day with us since it was Mother’s Day weekend.


Can’t forget to take a pic with this guy♥

As usual a stop by Starbucks was is order and the sweet barista girl who took our order wrote this on my Java Chip Frappuccino LIGHT 

…but I splurged and had the whipped cream.


I’ve been looking for a new watch for a loooong time. I think I’ve mentioned before that my wrists are really small and all the big watches that are so in style right now just look ridiculous on me. 


I finally found one I liked and they surprised me with it for Mother’s Day. It’s made by Anne Klein and very reasonably priced. I didn’t want to sink a lot of money into one until I see how like a bigger watch. This one is perfect! I love that it’s two tone because I wear both gold and silver jewelry and even like to mix them. I just need to go have a bunch of links removed.


Here are some other watch options at different price points. The double strap MK leather band one is very popular and the pink Kate Spade watch is just so pretty. The silver Michael Kors is currently on sale for 25% off. 

                                $195         $195         $22         $20       $187.50

Click here for more watches.

Click here for necklace

She’s definitely taller than me now and it just thrills her to death.  We both have on flats here and I guess I’m officially the shrimp of the family.

Kent and I ended our weekend with a trip to the grocery and were a little amazed when we noticed this…

You might want to show this to your kids…they may not know what a “PAY PHONE” even is. Honestly, we didn’t know there were any left. 

Okay guys, that’s it for this Monday. Maybe next weekend will be more eventful and I’ll have something crazy to share with you.

Whatever your week holds, give it your all!!!




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