Happy Mother’s Day

I had originally written this post for a link up a month or so ago and as I was doing it I realized it would be much better to save and do as a Mother’s Day post and tribute to my mom.

I don’t have any pictures at my house of her early years except for her senior picture.

She looks so young. I guess we all look young at 18 but don’t realize it at the time. She and my dad got married when they were 18…I’m  pretty sure I’d have a coronary if Katie was about to get married.

I think the first thing I really want to say is that I know her number one priority for my brother and myself was to make sure we were raised to know God and become good Christians. I have to say “Thank You” and I know she was successful with my brother and I’d like to think the same about myself. She was and is a wonderful role model of a godly, giving woman and taught me how to be a good mother, friend, hostess and more.

This woman can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.
NO…SERIOUSLY, she really can!!!

When I was thinking about all the different things she’s done, it’s amazing.
First, she’s an incredible seamstress. When I was a little kid, she’d sew for people. Not just sew, but SEW. Like make dresses for an entire wedding party.
She made ALL of my formals and they were always BEAUTIFUL and unique. I never had to worry about walking into a dance wearing the same dress as anyone else.

She had so many different jobs when I was growing up. Not only did she sew for people, she was also a bookkeeper for a Timex watch sales rep. 


She decided when I was in late elementary school to become an esthetician at a department store. She went to New York and trained for a week.

When she returned home she did that for quite a while and decided to become a hair dresser so she began an apprenticeship at the same department store…back in the day when big department stores had “Beauty Salons” in them.

Fast forward…she eventually finished at an actual beauty school to expedite the process and opened a one chair salon in our home. I’d come home from school everyday and visit with her and her clients. I’m sure I was a source of entertainment telling them about the antics of my day if I was anything like my teenage daughter is now.

She had her shop until the early 2000’s when she had a terrible accident and fell down a flight of stairs, blowing our her shoulder…COMPLETELY. She had to have a complete shoulder replacement and that ended her career as a hair dresser. We are truly lucky she’s alive and it didn’t kill her. Unfortunately it was such a bad fall it started a snowball of health issues that she’s dealt with ever since. At the time this accident happened she was trying to decide if it was time to retire and had been praying for guidance or a sign. My dad likes to say that maybe next time God could just send her a letter instead of sending her down a flight of stairs.

Her talents aren’t limited to sewing and hair though. She’s an awesome cook. She’s a master gardener. She wallpaper’s and paints. She’s an incredible hostess and loved to throw parties and entertain and she’s funny to boot.

Needless to say, these are some pretty big shoes I have to try to fill.
In so many ways we are alike and yet in a lot ways different.
I consider myself to be a “Jack of all trades, master on none”. Much like my mom (and her mom) I am somewhat of a seamstress, but possess nowhere near the skills or talent she holds.
(I never want her to look at my finish work…it makes me nervous)

I learned how to entertain and throw parties and showers by watching her throughout the years.
I learned to decorate and create what I consider  to be a cozy home from her. Pretty much everything I can do, I learned from her.

Mom was probably the most persnickety house cleaner I’ve ever known. As my brother and I grew up and once she was working full time and we were old enough, we became the cleaning crew. While I didn’t like it at the time, I am happy I learned how to clean the “right way”. I tell my kids one day they’ll thank me for making them learn to clean as well.

I hope one of these days my kids will be able to look back and see things they learned from me.

Here are a few things I hope I’ve handed down to my kids…
Be kind
Make your bed
Never pay full price
Be a good friend
There’s a time to be silly and a time to be serious
Have manners
Do your best
You can only be responsible for your actions
Respect your elders
Keep a sense of humor
Put your mom on a pedestal 😉

(Dad’s are cool too♥♥♥)

My mom (and Dad) are definitely at the top of my “blessings” list that I have to be very thankful for. I can never express to them how much I appreciate all they’ve done for me and my family throughout my life. I know not all daughters are so lucky to have such a special relationship with their parents. My brother and I hit the jackpot with these two♥

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!!!!
I Love You!!!
(and sorry because I know your a big weeping puddle now)



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