DIY Necklace Display and Sale Alerts

How do you store your necklaces? 

Do you have a special piece of furniture to hold all of your baubles?

I love keeping things organized and it makes me even happier if there’s a pretty way to do it.

I have a drawer in the vanity of our bathroom with my bracelets and earrings and until Monday my necklaces were on command hooks in the closet.

Felt lined dividers like I’m using here are available at a lot of retailers. Mine came from TJ Maxx or Marshall’s (big surprise, right?), but I’m sure places like Bed, Bath & Beyond have something similar if you look.

When Katie and I were shopping for her many dresses she’s needing with graduation associated events we were in a boutique and they had their necklaces displayed on the cutest rack.

I stood there looking at it for a minute, thinking it reminded of something and then I remembered this…

I had seen that same piece without the knobs in Hobby Lobby! Well I knew right away I’d be heading over there to see if I could find the parts I needed to make my own.


I walked in and headed straight to this aisle and THERE. IT. WAS.

WOOHOO!!! and it was 50% OFF…DOUBLE WOOHOO!!!

(if you’re patient, you can get most anything at Hobby Lobby for 50% off and if you’re not, well they ALWAYS have a 40% coupon available for one item. I talked a little bit about their sales in this post)

So I grabbed my wood and iron piece and headed straight for the knob aisle.

Bonus – knobs were 50% off also!

This was the HARDEST PART for me. If you are at all indecisive (ahem) prepare to be standing here for a while. Go ALONE…don’t take your family. 


I laid the iron piece across my shopping cart and tried a ton of combinations of different knobs until I found the perfect TEN I needed. (Would you believe after all that I ended up going back to exchange 4 of them? Make sure they have a shaft on them to allow a place for the necklaces to hang.)


The crystal “door knob” style, white w/gold dots and antique porcelain white knobs are the ones I ended up exchanging.

Layout your knobs staggered for hanging and mark where you want to drill your holes. If you’re lucky, your husband will be home and volunteer.


Screw on your knobs and voila…there you have it. Isn’t it GREAT???

(You’ll also have to cut the screws on the knobs down to make them shorter once they are attached…another good job for the hubs 😉

I’m SO EXCITED with my new necklace organizer/display.

Memorial Day is this weekend and that can only mean one thing…SALES.

Here are just a few on my RADAR as of today.

Banana Republic

Use the code BRTAKE40 now through Memorial Day for 40% off.


35% off your purchase with code EVENT


60% off all Sale & Summer Favorites

40% off New Arrivals


Extra 30% off Sale items


Vanishing Edge Pantyraid 5 for $37 (reg. $16-$19 each)

I’ve been buying my panties (also on sale) at SOMA for a long time. I love the Embraceable Hipsters personally. They have more coverage than a bikini, but aren’t “granny panties” and the lace on the back doesn’t crawl AND doesn’t show through pants…not even leggings or yoga pants.


I buy all my bras and my favortie leggings (all leggings here) from SOMA as well.

If you’re interested in SOMA, leave a comment with your email address. I’ll refer you and you can get $15 off your order and I’ll get a credit also.


One more day friends and it’s a THREE DAY WEEKEND!!!!


Make it great!





  1. May 31, 2016 / 1:37 am

    Hi, I found your blog recently through a link-up and would love to try Soma, thank you! The reviews are amazing!

    • May 31, 2016 / 5:13 am

      Hi Megan! I'm so happy you stopped by��. I've submitted your name to Soma along with your email. I'm guessing they'll email you, but they have your email on file now. I hope you find something(s) you like!! Have a great week!!!

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