Do you Snapchat?

Back to reality. Spring break goes by way too fast.

We had a good week in spite of poor Katie having quite a bit of homework. She was less than happy with all the assignments given during break. (and I can’t say I blame her)

I can pretty much show you our weekend in the form of Snapchats. 

These “lenses” (filters) you can add to pictures are pretty funny and once you get started it’s kind of hard to stop.

Honestly, this is the theme for everyday 🙂

We saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2…and it didn’t disappoint, especially if you’d seen the first one and caught the references to it. Even if you hadn’t seen the first one, you’d still get a good laugh out of this one.

This was the reply to a “snap” my friend sent me on the way to church. (Hi Julie♥)

Awww, this is what we sent to Benny at lunch.

(Church must have worn me out, I look tired. hahaha)

If you haven’t gotten on the Snapchat wagon yet, you’re missing all the fun!

After we went to the movies we went to the mall. It was a rainy weekend and we were doing things inside. Of course I had some returns to make anyway, so it worked out great.

When we were walking around in Nordstrom I took a couple of pictures of a gorgeous selection of Kendra Scott jewelry.  I’ve only become familiar with this line in the last couple of years, but have quickly become a fan. There are lots of styles that come in so many pretty colors and really add a pop to your wardrobe.

I have several pairs of these in different sizes and colors, but my favorite color is the magenta and I prefer the medium size. The small are cute too, but the large are just too big for me.

The necklaces that coordinate with these earrings are some of my favorites too.

I wear them all the time 🙂

 You can find a lot of fun options here

left bracelet / right bracelet / Turquoise (not shown)

And these cuff bracelets are so fun. You can mix, match and stack them and there are lots of pretty options.

While we’re talking about jewelry, how do you clean yours?

I have used this stuff for years, and it works great. I only use it on (real) gold though.

I can’t believe what a difference it makes after I use it.


And before I go I’ve got an easy breakfast, lunch or dinner recipe for you.

It was dreary and rainy here in CA all weekend, so Friday morning I thought ahead and put oatmeal in the crock pot. There are quite a few recipes on Pinterest for Crock Pot Oatmeal and the one I tweaked can be found here.

These are the instructions given in the pinned recipe and my adjustments are in RED

Throw 2 (4) sliced apples, 1/3 (1/2) cup brown sugar, 1 tsp cinnamon (a little nutmeg if you like) in the bottom of the crock pot. Pour 2 cups of steel cut oatmeal and 4 cups of water on top. Do NOT stir. Cook overnight for 8 – 9 hours on low.

I cooked it for 7 1/2 – 8 hours and honestly wouldn’t recommend any longer. ( I really think 6 hours would probably be plenty)  I’ve made it before and used apple juice in place of some of the water, which I think makes it better. I also threw in a large handful of craisins about an hour before we were going to eat it. We like to top ours with chopped nuts (pecans or walnuts are delicious) and because the flavors remind me of a Cinnamon roll I make a “glaze” to pour on top out of powdered sugar and either milk or half and half (and by now you’ve probably figured out I always use fat free half and half).  

One last tip…

If you aren’t already using these in your crock pot, add them to your shopping list NOW!!!!

They make crock pot cooking even easier and I’ve had no problem with them affecting recipes at all.

Have a great Monday friends!




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