Distressed…jeans. Which camp are you in?

So there appears to be two camps on distressed jeans. 

The YAY’s and the NAY’s.

It seems you either love them or hate them. I was recently reading a couple of blogs by women in their 50’s and 60’s and they were violently against them for women of any age.

I really wanted to comment with a resounding “OUCH”, but refrained.

Are they for everyone? Probably not, but I personally like them and have several pairs. I do like to keep the distressing to a more minimal look versus some of the styles you see where the entire leg is practically torn out. I think sometimes less is more and it makes them more age appropriate . I feel like they add a fun, relaxed, casual vibe to your wardrobe.

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This pair definitely falls in the “extreme distressing” category and I’d have to say hard pass on these. And I’m not quite sure what’s going on with the length? Maybe these are her original jeans from elementary school and that explains the distressing and high water aspects?

similar jeans / similar on sale / Converse

These however…much better.

Women’s Mid-Rise Rockstar jeans

I do a preemptive strike to keep the distressing at the same level as it is when I first purchase the jeans because it seems washing them causes the threads to gradually disintegrate and disappear.

Before that happens I apply an iron on patch from the back and honestly you can’t even see it.

These patches work great and come in different shades of blue to make it easy. You can find them at Jo-Ann, Hobby Lobby, WalMart, etc…

If the jeans have stretch in them like most do, you’ll need to stretch the material out before applying the patch. I just pinned it right on to my ironing board and then follow the directions on the package.

And see, you can’t even tell they’ve been patched. I’ve washed them a couple of times with no problem and if the patch begins to come lose, just hit it again with the iron.

This pair of Katie’s got caught and the hole got bigger…we didn’t like it being so big so I patched it from the inside. It took a little more finessing and I was really worried she’d hate it, but she was thrilled approved.


Before                                    After

(I know these look like different denims, but I promise it’s the same pair)

So where do you come down on distressed denim? Are you a YAY or NAY? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments sections below.  

And did you know one of a bloggers favorite things is comments? It’s true, we L♥VE comments.

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