A day in my life.

Today I’m participating in a monthly link up with Andrea and Erika to talk about “A day in your life”.

Prepare to be wowed friends. My days will absolutely keep you on the edge of your seat. 

I typically get up between 6:00-6:30 a.m. depending on the day and Katie’s schedule.

The first thing I do every morning is brush my teeth. Well actually the first thing I do is make the bed…that’s hard wired in and I can’t stand to leave the bed unmade.
 Anyway, after that comes my teeth.  I can’t get to my toothbrush and toothpaste fast enough. I’m sorry if you are one of those people (Kent) who gets up, and drinks coffee or whatever and then brushes their teeth…I don’t get it. I have to do that right away!

Having said that, the next thing on my agenda is this…

I make my coffee!!!! 

I do this while I’m getting Katie’s breakfast ready and then I do this…

I love the quiet of the morning and start out by checking my email, Facebook, reading blogs or blogging myself.

Since I no longer have little kids at home (and barely have a big kid) I have a lot more “free” time than you momma’s of little ones. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of breakfast, backpacks and bus stops now because your day will come and you’ll find yourself wondering how it got here so quickly?

I had been doing my bible study in the morning but here lately I’ve been doing it in the afternoon.

I work out six days a week. Sometimes I do DVD’s that are a combo of cardio and weights, some day’s I walk outside, but I typically do my elliptical and frequently do an arm workout after that.


Next up I shower and am ready for whatever errands or other things the day has a head. Just like all moms my days are filled with laundry. A load here, a load there. Grocery shopping and odds and ends.

Kent is always telling me he worries about me and wonders what I do. This has become more of a theme as we have moved twice in the last 6 years and it’s harder to make connections when you kids are older.  It’s sweet and funny at the same time. I assure him I’m fine. My days are somehow filled. I’m very independent and manage to fill my time with no problem. I’ve usually got some kind of project going on, be it big or small, or something in the planning.

By the time I do a little running around or even just things around the house it’s time to start thinking about dinner and get that underway. I love to cook (and Kent loves to eat – haha), so I enjoy trying new recipes. I find lots of ideas on Pinterest that I’ll make or spark me to do my version of something.

And my day looks like this at the end…

This one is very popular with my kids. I like to have my glasses on so I can see the TV, but I put the readers on so I can see the ipad too. Multi-tasking, even once my head hits the pillow 😉


So there you have it. I find there a periods in life where you are super busy and periods that are a little more sedate. I’m currently in a more sedate time and it’s great. It allows me time to do things I want to do and travel to see family and friends.

And before I go I’ll let you know today Target’s special promotion to help you spend your refund (like you need help, right?) is 30% off Bed and Bath items. I see new sheets in my future. Click the link below to take advantage of this deal. 

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Happy Tuesday friends!





  1. April 28, 2016 / 12:24 pm

    I love your pic!! You look fantastic, even sporting two glasses 🙂

    • April 28, 2016 / 3:29 pm

      Thanks Tracey 😉
      Maybe I'll start a new trend…LOL

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