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Happy Monday friends!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend and the bunny found all your peeps.


For years and years when we lived in Virginia I hosted Easter at our home for my parents, several aunts, uncles, cousins and my cousins kids. We usually had 12-20 people and we loved it. It always included an Easter egg hunt for the little’s and was big fun for everyone.

I really miss those days and being able to be with family for all the holidays. We were so blessed to be able to do that for the first 14 years of Benny’s life and 12 years of Katie’s. Now that we live on the other side of the country and Benny is in college in Tennesse our Easter holidays look much different, but one thing remains the same…the bunny always finds Katie!

Sometimes we’ll celebrate with friends, but sometimes we keep it simple and just do our own thing. This year was one of those “simple” years. 

After church Katie, Kent & I went to lunch and then headed home so Katie could go to work.

Kent and I then spent part of the afternoon just running a few errands and enjoying some down time.

We ran outside and managed to get a few pictures before heading off to church.


What happened to my little girl in smocked dresses?

The dress I’m wearing is old, but if you click herehere or here there are several similar options.

Similar necklace / Earrings / Similar shoes

This is what 23 years of marriage looks like♥


We love a good selfie.

How cute are these three?

I still miss having Benny in our pictures, but this is the new normal for us.


We stopped by Starbucks to see Katie at work and grab a drink. Apparently she can both take your order and tell a plane which runway to land on

On Saturday, Katie and some friends threw a surprise party for their friend Sean’s 18th birthday.


My kitchen was turned into a bakery

Happy 18th Sean!!!

Great group of kids!


I had to throw this in. We had a delicious dinner Thursday night before our friends had to leave Friday morning. This is a big batch of ribs and I just had to send a picture to Benny…he loves ribs.



And one last picture

This made me chuckle. I came downstairs yesterday and found Kent’s Easter basket candy on the counter like this. It’s no wonder Benny is studying to be an engineer.


Hope you had as much fun during your weekend as we did…I can’t believe it’s already Monday again.

Time to get to work taking down the Easter decorations.





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