Hello Wednesday!

Am I the only one???

You just gotta’ love the “Most Interesting Man in the World”.

Last Tuesday Katie and I went into San Francisco and took a bike tour of the Golden Gate Bridge over to Sausalito with our friends Elizabeth and Isabel.

It was great! The views were incredible and it was a gorgeous day!

I wore my Fitbit and somehow it even kept track of “steps” while on the bike. It said we did 

22,037 steps and 90 floors…WOW!!! That’s a personal record for me.

So let me give you a little photo recap of our day.


Katie got out of school early and we headed for the BART to go into the San Francisco.

The orange line represents the path we would be riding our bikes on . It’s approximately 8 miles.

We got our beautiful helmets on and were ready to go!

P.S. You’ll note Katie and I have on our baseball hats…there was no way I was putting on a helmet that had been on who knows who’s head.


We stopped along the way to see a few different landmarks.

The Palace of Fine Arts is located in the Marina District. It was originally constructed in the early 1900’s.  The original structure was not made with materials to stand the test of time and  had to be demolished except for the steel structure and completely restored.

It was absolutely gorgeous!

It’s surrounded by beautiful homes.

Back on the bikes and heading for the Golden Gate.

Great mother/daughter day!!!

Stopped for a few quick pictures on the bridge.

The day was filled with Snapchat’s

Once we got across the bridge we planned to get on a ferry and bring the bikes back across.

We weren’t alone.  There were literally HUNDREDS of people waiting to do the same thing. 

We had to wait over an hour for a third ferry before it was our turn.

Thankfully it was a beautiful day to sit in the sun and wait.

Our turn finally came and we got on with our bikes. It was incredible to watch everyone bring so many bikes on.

What they failed to mention was that we had to take our bikes up a flight of stairs to get off…say what??? You’ve got to be kidding me???

They fold down a tiny rail at the side of the stairs and you roll your bike up. 

Sounds easy enough, right? NOT…thankfully they have some guys who get behind the bike and help you and push it up.

See the yellow line to the left of the black line? That’s what you push your bike on…yikes!

So how did we reward ourselves at the end of this excursion?

One word…


Let me just tell you that they have the BEST dark chocolate hot fudge.

We’re not talking regular ol’ hot fudge.

This stuff is intense.


We earned every single calorie!!!!

This is one of my favorites shots. Looks like a postcard.

Before we got on the BART to head back home we went by the hotel where our friends were staying to pick up their luggage to go home with us. Her husband was staying in the city for a conference. Here’s a picture I took from their room.

What a great view of San Francisco at night with a beautiful sunset.

It was a perfect day, filled with lots of fun memories!

I wonder what we’ll do the next time they visit?

Hope your having a great week so far.





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