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Good grief! I can’t believe it’s Friday again. Seems like they roll around really fast. I’d really like to slow the next few months down and prolong Katie’s graduation. (Insert alligator tears here) I know once that happens, summer is going to be a blur. We have lots of fun things on our calendar before she officially leaves in August. #holdthosebabiesmamas

Once again this week I’m linking up with some super cute girls to share Friday Favorites.


 How stinkin’ awesome is this picture??? You mama’s out there just know when I get a text with a picture in it I stop in the middle of the mall and do the happy dance.  Not only am I just thrilled that he’s having so many wonderful, memory making experiences while in college, I’m also elated to know he and all the bikers on this trip got to their destination safe and sound. (and without a repeat appearance of the food poisoning he experienced last year half way into his bike trip) They biked approximately 450 miles this week.

Way to go Benny!!!!

Ahhhhhhh. Does anyone else get excited when they get to open a brand new compact?  It’s so perfect. Too bad as soon as I take my brush to it, it’ll be a powdery mess.


Mirrors are my nemesis!

I’ve tried EVERYTHING under the sun to get them clean. Seems no matter how hard I try they’re still streaky or get a film on them quickly. 

This Dirtex is the stuff I used to clean the island cabinets before painting them and the Shop paper towels are the towels I used for the cleaning and wiping off the excess wax.

When I was cleaning everything up and putting it all away, I stopped and actually read the front of the can. It said it cleans mirrors among other things, but warns to be careful about getting it on some surfaces.  This made me a little hesitant, but I had to give it a try.

What do you know? It works!!! So far, so good. I’ve used it a couple of times. Each time I  put a towel down to cover the counter tops before spraying just to be on the safe side. I’m not sure what I like better, the spray or the towels. These towels are a lot thicker than regular paper towels and don’t seem to have all the lint. #majorvictory #ihatelintonmymirrors

I used it on the inside of my car windows today but haven’t been out again so I hope it worked as well on them and didn’t leave all the nasty streaks you usually don’t find until your driving down the road seeing all the places you missed. You know what I’m talking about, right? UGH!

How cute is this bunny bunting? 

When I went to see my friend in Nashville (she’s coming here to visit this weekend…YIPPEE) I took her a Valentine’s Day bunting. Tutorial here. She loved it so much we decided we wanted to make some while I was there. So we decided to make bunnies. Cute, little, pastel bunnies. They’re ADORABLE♥♥♥  We must have been really inspired because we made them in spite of the fact that it was snowing outside.

I made another one last week for the little girlies next door and took it over yesterday with the shamrock cookies.


They loved it!!!! They were so excited when they opened it! I love the sweet reaction I get from those precious little girls. (yes, they are twins)

We are super excited that we have friends coming to visit this weekend and stay through most of next week. 

Sunday we are going to take a little day trip to Big Sur, so next week I will hopefully have some fun pictures to share of our adventure. 

The rest of the week will be filled with goofing off, eating, probably some hiking, eating, cards, maybe some shopping and eating.


 I can’t believe Easter is just a week away. Thankfully we don’t have to give up another hour of sleep this weekend. I have to admit, I really do like it to stay light outside longer. Makes me feel more productive in the evening instead of wanting to get my jammies on as soon as dinner is over.

Do you have big plans for the weekend?

Whatever they are I hope you enjoy them.




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