Friday Favorites – Fashion

When I first started thinking about blogging I intended to do some fashion along with all the other topics I’m sharing.

While the whole blog idea has been a challenge for me as far as “putting myself out there”, fashion is  by far the most intimidating thought. I find myself wondering why anyone would care what I’m wearing or shopping for? All of the blogs I read on a regular basis do a lot of fashion posts even if it’s just a quick selfie showing what they are wearing and I’m always happy to see what they’ve found that they like.

I’ve decided the only way to do it just like removing a band-aid and get on with it. So here we go…

I love this shirt I recently found at Target. The jacket is from Old Navy last year, but they have a similar one this year.  My necklace is from Accessory Concierge, and adds a great pop of color to lots of outfits. It will be really cute with the dresses below.

THIS. SWEATER. is soooo comfortable.  It’s actually so comfortable I ordered it in 2 other colors. (which Katie thinks is a cardinal sin to have more of one item even it’s in different colors #disagree) I ordered it online from Old Navy, and the best part is that they were a super deal!!! Get one (or two or three) before they’re all gone.  Apparently I’m having pretty good luck at Old Navy these days because these jeans also came from there. I wanted some that were distressed, but not ripped to shreds.


I ordered the “short” length because I didn’t have any that could just be rolled up one time.


This darling little swing dress is from Old Navy’s sister, Gap. LOL

I love that it has pockets! It can be dressed up or down and I’ll show it to you with shoe options in a later post. (I’ve ordered some cute shoes too) It’s also super comfortable which is always a plus.

And guess what??? I broke Katie’s rule again and also got the same dress in black and grey stripes. I told you it was super comfy and will be perfect for transitioning all year. In the spring with cute sandals and a jean jacket or in the fall with tights, or leggings and boots and a jean jacket.

I tried the dresses on in the store but ordered them online when I got home because I could get a better deal with a code I had…I told y’all I’m ALL ABOUT A BARGAIN!!!

Now I have to confess. I totally ordered the dress in coral too, but I’m only planning to keep 2 of them. Most likely the two I showed you.

So this isn’t fashion related (unless you want to think of it as a don’t #bighairandbangs), but I just hopped on Facebook and saw it and had to share. OH how I L♥VE these girls!!! College is when you form the sweetest, lifelong relationships. Sometimes you are blessed to go to college with a friend you’ve known most of your life. The precious girl with the KX on her sweatshirt and I have been friends since elementary school. You’ll notice I’m at the top hugging them all together like a big Mama Bear.  In fact my nickname was Mama Lisa, given to me by Laura (the sweet faced girl to my left). She always said if you had a problem you just go to Mama Lisa and she’ll help.  Makes my eyes fill with tears even as I type this.

On a side note, don’t forget to turn your clock forward before you go to bed Saturday night.

Hello Spring!!!

Have a great weekend! See you back here on Monday!




    • March 11, 2016 / 10:15 pm

      You too Regine! Have a great weekend!

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