Big Sur and a Target treat


When my kids were little we’d meet friends at the Target “cafe” for lunch. It was something we all loved. Pizza Hut pizza for the kids, bread sticks for me, we all got to hang with our friends, and then we could shop. I mean really, does it get any better than that?  I only wish we’d had cell phones with cameras back then so I could have captured some of those fun, day to day outings. 

I’m going to assume you know the secret to finding the best deals is to cruise the perimeter and the ends of the aisles. That’s where the TREASURE is. I love to leisurely push my cart all around and see what great bargains I can find. 


I was so sad when my kids outgrew the cute clothes they have in the children’s section and especially the shoes for little girls. Katie had the cutest shoes from there when she was little. That little girl probably had a better selection of shoes than I did. 

Today I’m so excited because Target has given me a special code to share with you.

Just use the link below and the code EXTRA10 to save an extra 10% off all Kids’ clearance online between now and April 16th.

Thanks Target!

 Happy Shopping friends. 

I mentioned on Friday that we had friends coming in to visit. We took our road trip to Big Sur yesterday and it sure didn’t disappoint.  OH MY GOODNESS it was absolutely as beautiful in person as it is in all the pictures we’d seen. Kent kept saying it had far exceeded his expectations. You couldn’t help but thank God as you stood there and soaked in all the natural beauty.

The colors in the water were just as beautiful as what you’d see in the Caribbean or some other exotic destination.

We didn’t see any whales actually come out of the water, but you could see them “blow” and Katie and Kent spotted some dolphins at one point. Sadly, I missed seeing those. The drive down has so many places to pull off the road and look, so we took advantage of several spots.

Ok, let’s hit the road!!!

 These friends right here are so special to us! We’ve know each other for close to 20 years. We’ve done quite a bit of traveling together and it always includes a ton of laughter. Three of our four kids are now in college so it’s hard to have all 8 of us together anymore. We were lucky this time that Isabel’s spring break coincided with a business trip Paul had out here, so we were able to have her and Katie along for our antics.

These little guys were everywhere at the first place we stopped and super tame. I was little worried he thought he was going to just hop in the car and tag along.




Taking it all in.

OK, so I had read at least 3 different articles on what to see and do while visiting Big Sur. They all mentioned Big Sur Bakery.  I don’t know about you,but when I hear “bakery” I have visions of yummy pastries, donuts, pies, etc…

WRONG!!! We arrived here around 11:30 all ready to dive into some delicious sweet treat. You can pretty much see the excitement on my face. My excitement was totally dashed about 1 minute after this photo was taken. It was more of an extremely overpriced little restaurant. We asked about the bakery part and the guy pointed to a tiny counter and said most everything was gone. WHAT???

There was a tiny tart left for EIGHT DOLLARS.


So in the car we go and continue down the coast.

The waterfall used to fall right into the ocean but after a landslide in the early 80’s and a few other contributing factors a small beach area has been formed.

Absolutely gorgeous.

Does this look like a postcard, or what?

These two are just the cutest!

Selfie skills are improving at this point

This picture would probably have been really good…we asked a nice lady to take it but for some reason she stood on a bench and held the camera up over her head and just guessed. HAHAHA!!!

#yougetwhatyoupayfor #whereskatie

We had already decided to stop in Carmel on the way home and we knew there was a REAL bakery there, so off to the next place.

We were starving by the time we got here, so I totally forgot to take any pictures but I did find one to share.

YES, this is what a bakery case looks like friends. And YES, we did have one of those beautiful pretzels, a chocolate chip macaroon dipped in chocolate and a chocolate chip cannoli.



We fueled up and were heading out to walk around this quaint little town, but the rain rolled in so we just decided to head home.

When we got back we were tired and hungry (again) so we stopped for some Mexican food. Here’s the goofiest thing that just drives us crazy and people simply can’t believe…you CAN NOT find queso anywhere in the area we live. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????

#iwishiwas #soverysad

Hey Katie…we’re taking a picture!

It was a long day filled with beautiful sights and lots of laughter.


Tomorrow Katie and I are going into the city to do a bike tour with Elizabeth and Isabel of the Golden Gate Bridge and Sausalito. It should be fun. Pictures to come.

I sure hope you had as much fun this weekend as we did and you’re week is off to a great start!!!




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