Trip to Nashville Recap

If you know me, you know I love Nashville.  It holds so many wonderful memories and some of our best friends are there.  It’s also now home to


We had a great excuse to buy 3 plane tickets to go, and so go we did.  Katie will be attending the same university in the Fall that Benny is currently attending.  She was invited to a Presidential Weekend for prospective students.


So what really makes this whole thing even more fun is that I went to the same school and now some of my friends kids are also going to college with my kids. It’s so crazy to be on my stomping grounds, with my friends, but now my kids are claiming it as their own.

 Ready to go!!!!

Waiting at the Nashville airport for our friend to pick us up.

 When we arrived on campus Friday morning the mascot was there to greet us.  #goBisons

A walk down memory lane…Katie wasn’t impressed

I’m just impressed I can even remember the number of my mailbox.

Friday night we went downtown for a dinner to honor all the Presidential qualifiers.

 We had our friend Isabel along to hang out.

She’s such a precious girl!

Katie is all about Snapchat. Lucky for me she catches lots of funny moments.

Trying to get a good picture of these two takes a lot of patience.


 I love this guy!!!!

 And…Here we go again.

 Seriously, it’s like this everytime.

 Getting closer, 3 out 4

Not great quality, but at least we’re all looking in the same direction.


And while I was in Nashville I got to see snow.  I haven’t seen that in 3 years. It was beautiful and unlike snow in Minnesota, it’s already gone. 

I’ve got to get in the habit of  taking more pictures. I just never seem to think to take them.  I would have loved to have had a picture of  Katie before her interview, lunch with my girls, and pictures with our friends Paul and Elizabeth,  but it got by me…imagine that.

I’ll get better. I promise.


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