Happy Leap Day

I’m so happy my birthday doesn’t fall on a Leap Day…that’d be sad. I know some might think it’s special, but I don’t think I’d like having to have a “fake” birthday in order to celebrate.

It was another gorgeous weekend in California. I just love it when the hills are green! When they are sitting against the blue sky the colors are just gorgeous. Last week I had a dentist appointment and on my way home I pulled over to take some pictures of the views on one of my favorite roads to drive on around here.

Isn’t it beautiful?!?!

As you can see by the trees, Spring is really in bloom.

We were sitting at a stop light on Sunday when I looked over and saw all these beautiful colors.

We spent the weekend the same way we typically do.  Running around, doing this and that.  Saturday Kent and I went out to get new reading glasses for him.  He has dollar store readers stashed all over the house, but he’s finally getting a real pair. Thankfully the sweet sales girl was able to help us find a pair we liked.

Of course I had to take a picture to send to the kids.



We also looked at new sunglasses.



It’d been a while since we’d been to one of our favorite eateries, so we grabbed Katie and headed out to Five Guys.  I don’t like burgers so much, but I do LOVE a good Cajun fry.

And YES…I like mayo AND ketchup with my fries.



And then there’s Five Guys answer to the Mexican restaurants chips.

Sunday lunch selfie.

Can someone please tell my why teens can take selfies ALL DAY LONG  and it’s perfectly acceptable, but when adults do it we get “Tweeted” about????


Here’s to a great week ahead!

Happy Monday friends!!!!




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